Water dispensers, more than an essential supply in office spaces has now become a common home appliance as well.  Water dispensers have a lot of advantages like getting clean filtered water, easy storage, accessibility of cold water, and hygiene because there is less risk of water contamination. There are some factors that you need to look for while buying a water dispenser. Read further to know the things you should consider while buying a water dispenser.

What is a water dispenser?

water dispenser is an electronic machine that heats, cools or dispenses water.  Commonly, a water dispenser was used in offices, hospitals, and other workplaces. However, it has gained importance being a household appliance with many people buying it because of its convenient features.  A water cooler is also a type of water dispenser.  But, a water dispenser may not always be a water cooler.

What are the different types of Water Dispensers?

Water Dispensers can be broadly classified into two types:

  • Electric
  • Non- Electric

Additionally, the other types of water dispensers are:

Top Loading Water Dispensers

These dispensers use water jugs that are placed at the top of the cooler feed directly into the water tank below. Common treatments include carbon filters to remove heavy metals and pesticides, ultraviolet light to break down and destroy microbes, and to kill germs, use ozonation. Top Loading Dispensers often remove residual chlorine from the tap as well.  Top Loading water dispensers are more popular in the market. At Eros, you will find water dispensers from Midea, Hitachi and Panasonic.

Bottom-load Water Dispenser

Although not very common, bottom loading water dispensers have the benefit of not having to lift the heavy water-filled bottles on a dispenser. In a bottom-load water dispenser, water bottles are placed below the dispenser.  They can be moved and manoeuvred with about the same ease of use as top loading water dispensers. Their biggest advantage is their compact design. Because the bottle is stored in the base, they're much shorter than top-loading dispensers and fit into more spaces. Eros has the bottom loading water dispensers of the Midea and Hitachi brands.


What should you look for when buying a Water Dispenser?

When shopping for a water dispenser, do keep the following things in mind:

Type of Water Dispenser

In the beginning, you need to decide whether you want to buy an electric water dispenser or a non-electric model. Depending on your preference, you need to choose between a regular water dispenser or a water cooler. It also depends on where you want to install the water dispenser, and what you intend to use it for, you can also choose different types of water dispensers. You might also look into installing the water dispenser where there is an electrical outlet available at the place your want the dispenser to be installed.

Power consumption

Consumption of power is directly proportional to how chilled you want the water to be The colder the water, the greater the power consumption of the dispenser. While buying a water dispenser, check the compressor used in the water dispenser to learn about its cooling capability.

Hot and Cold Water

Some models are designed to dispense both hot and cold water. Choose the one with both hot and cold options to have a multifunctional water dispenser.  At Eros, Panasonic Top Loading Water Dispenser has hot and cold water options.


In case you have budget constraints, you may want to compare the prices of different types of dispensers. Non-electric dispensers are much cheaper than electric models.  Eros has an advanced filter where you can compare prices. 

Ease of Use

You need to check for the space between the water faucet and drip tray. The best water dispensers have sufficient space between the water faucet and drip tray to allow you to fill tall glasses, water bottles, etc. The nozzle of the dispenser should be small enough to easily enter into the water bottle.


You can choose water dispensers with or without filtration function. Different filtration systems come with water dispensers. For extra clean, cold water, you may want to buy a water cooler with filters such as carbon charcoal filter, Ultra Violet filter, water distillers etc.


Fortunately, water dispensers are low maintenance, you still need to keep the water dispensing area clean. A removable drip tray makes the cleaning process more convenient. Water dispensers with filters have the added task of changing filters.

Where to buy a water dispenser in UAE?

Eros is your one-stop destination to buy any home appliance. From refrigerators to water dispensers, it's all here.  You can choose to buy from Midea, Hitachi and Panasonic brands.  You can also browse the advanced filter search and choose from brand, price, colour and category.

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