The Ultimate Washing Machine Guide

When you're buying a washing machine, first and foremost, it is important to know your needs and what kind of machines suits your requirements. Over time, they have also upgraded, and at Eros you will find washing machines only from the best brands.

What should you look for when buying a washing machine?

Here are some things that you need to know about buying a washing machine:

  • Load Capacity: The load capacity depends upon your needs and budget restrictions. Think about whether you need a fully automatic or semi automatic machine?  There are some basic differences in price and features in these two types.
  • Wash Setting:  Many washing machines, especially fully automatic washing machines offer different programme settings for different washes, like delicate wash or wool wash. Some of them also have an option of customizing wash cycles. Depending on the fabric and type of clothes you want to wash, , the spin cycle, denoted by the revolutions per minute (rpm) is important. Delicates should only be spun on a cycle of 300-500rm, while more robust items can go to 1000rpm.
  •  Size: While choosing a washing machine, size and where you want to install the washing machine also matters.  Top leading washing machines are narrower in size and taller, while front load machines are shorter. Hence, if you have a compact space, go front load, while if you have a narrow space like a corridor, you go for top load washing machines
  • Material of the drum:  The material of the washing machine drum can be in plastic, stainless steel or even porcelain enamel. Nevertheless, steel is more expensive and durance, hence it is the preferred material.

Benefits of having a washing machine

1. Time

Hand washing indeed consumes a great deal of time and with our hectic lifestyles, it becomes really difficult to wash our laundry. Washing machines have helped us save our time exponentially. It has also given us the freedom to pursue other work or multitask. While our clothes are being washed in the machine, we can continue working without a worry, and can come back after the wash cycle is over.

2.  Effort

With the invention of washing machines, the physical effort of hand washing clothes is completely eliminated. Washing stains have also become easier, thanks to advanced spin cycles that give in effective washing techniques.  The washing process and the various features of a washing machine also helps us in giving the proper care to our clothes.

3. Energy Saving

Many washing machines are consider to consume a lot of electricity, however, they consume low energy units.

4. Child Lock System

Nowadays, many washing machines come with a child lock system, that protects your washer. If you press the child lock system once, no one can manually end the cycle before completing the process.

Types of Washing machine

These are the types of washing commonly available in the market. Scroll down to know more:

  • Semi-Automatic: The Semi- Automatic washing machine has two tubs one of washing and one for drying. Once the washing is done, one has to manually transfer the clothes in the dryer. The price range for such washing machines is low.
  • Fully Automatic: The fully automatic washing machine has just one washer and dryer. All you have to do is out the clothes in the tub and that's it. With one switch of a button, the clothes are washed automatically.
  • Top Load: These washing machines have shorter cycles and are reasonable to buy and easy to repair as well. They use a very simple control panel to choose the type of cycle you want, and this panel is incredibly easy for most people to operate. However, when it comes to Top Loading machines, when you put too many items in to be washed, you will find that the machine isn’t able to do as great a job. These type of washing machine sometimes has trouble getting all the water out of the load during the spin cycle.
  • Front Load: This is the best type of washing machine to choose if you have a smaller area for your machine and need to be able to run a lot of loads easily. A front loading washing machine can be stacked with a dryer to take up more vertical space rather than floor space, if necessary. These generally have a very large interior that allows you to wash bulkier items or bigger loads without harming the cleaning power. While they are great for running larger loads, they are also considered to be the most efficient of all types of washing machines, since they need less water for a load.


Advantages of Top Load Washing Machine:

  • Various water settings available
  • Load and unload comfortably


Advantages of Front Load Washing Machine:

  • Uses less water per load
  • High spin speed for shorter dry times
  • Greater capacity

Brands to look out for:

At Eros, you will find only the best of the best. If you're looking to buy a washing machine in UAE, the top washing machine brands with brilliant features are available here.

Given below are the brands to watch out for:

  • Samsung
  • Panasonic
  • Hitachi
  • Midea
  • Ariston

Where to buy washing machine in Dubai

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