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Midea 90x60cm ceramic cooker | VSVC96048

Midea 90x60cm ceramic cooker | VSVC96048

Hitachi 79 sq.mt. Air purifier, EPL110E

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Model: EPL110E
  • Allergy UK Awarded Filtration System
  • Auto Self Clean
  • Stainless Clean System
  • Deodorizing Filter
  • Allergen-Free HEPA Filter
  • Wide and Speedy Dust Collection
  • PM2.5 Sensor
  • Humidifying
  • Low Noise Operation
  • Touch Panel Operation
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Allergy UK Awarded Filtration System

Hitachi’s Air Purifiers were awarded the Allergy UK Seal of Approval in recognition of their proven ability to reduce exposure to allergens.

    • Tested by Allergy UK (The British Allergy Foundation).
    • Tested with house dust mites and pollen.

Auto Self Clean

When the Auto Self Clean unit operates, it moves up and down while

brushing the pre-filter to remove dust, which is then collected in the dust box.


Pre-filter Comparison After 1 Month of Operation.   


Easy Maintenance

When the dust box becomes full of dust, an indication*3 lets you know it is time to empty it. The box needs to be emptied about once a year, so it is not troublesome.

Stainless Clean System

1. Stainless Steel Coating Flap, 2. Stainless Net (Outlet), 3. Stainless Steel Coated Pre-Filter, 4. Washable Deodorizing Filter, 5. Allergen-Free HEPA Filter, 6. Auto Self Clean Unit, 7.Back Panel, 8. Silver Ion Fan.

Deodorizing Filter

Filter can be washed with water to restore deodorizing power*. This helps to reduce four major types of odor bases: nitrogen, aldehyde, acid and Sulfur components.

Allergen-Free HEPA Filter

Multi-layered structure of Allergen-Free HEPA Filter for fine dust effectively catches fine particles including dust, cedar pollen and airborne mold. It also suppresses the PM2.5.

The allergen-free components of the HEPA Filter for fine dust suppress the activity of cedar, birch & ragweed pollen, dust mite dung & cat dandruff that have been captured.


This humidifies clean air to increase the humidity in a room to about 50%. And it can be used in combination with the deodorizing course.

Room humidity can be increased up to about 60%*. This helps keep your skin moist in the dry season and when using air conditioning.

Low Noise Operation

During Silent airflow operation, the noise level is less than 15dB, so it won't disturb you when sleeping.

PM2.5 Sensor

Switches to high-sensitive detection mode and purifies fine dust with max air flow operation.*1 HEPA filters enable the collection of fine particles*2 of 0.1µm and larger (0.5µm or larger with the dust sensor detection). Continues super-sensitive patrol operation even after cleaning the air.

Technical Details

More Information
Unit Volume 0.07
Key Feature 01 Allergy UK Awarded Filtration System
Key Feature 02 Auto Self Clean
Key Feature 03 Stainless Clean System
Key Feature 04 Deodorizing Filter
Key Feature 05 Allergen-Free HEPA Filter
Key Feature 06 Wide and Speedy Dust Collection
Key Feature 07 PM2.5 Sensor
Key Feature 08 Humidifying
Key Feature 09 Low Noise Operation
Key Feature 10 Touch Panel Operation
Floor Space [sq. m] 79
Humidifying Capacity [ml/h] Approx. 800
Tank Capacity Approx 2.5
Auto Self Clean Yes
More Information
Inverter Control No
Remote Control No
Off Timer 4
Power Cord Length [cm] 180
Dimensions (w*h*d) [cm] 67.3 x 36 x 29.1
Weight 13.7kg
Washable Free Filter Yes
Allergen Free HEPA Filter (10 Years) Yes
Allergen Free HEPA Filter (8 Years) No
Allergen Free HEPA Filter (2 Years) No
Heavy Duty Deodorising Filter (10 Years) No
Washable Deodorising Filter (10 Years) Yes
Humidifying Filter (10 Years) Yes
Humidifying Filter (3 Years) No
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