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Hitachi 20 kg Ultra Stream Washing Machine, SF200XWV3CG

Hitachi 20 kg Ultra Stream Washing Machine, SF200XWV3CG

Hitachi 24 kg Ultra Stream Washing Machine, SF240XWV3CG

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Model: SF240XWV3CG
  • 4 Button Control
  • Shower Plus
  • Auto Self Clean – The Tub Stain Fighter
  • Allergy UK Approved 99% Mold & Bacteria Reduction
  • Ultra-Stream Shower
  • 3-Step Eco Sensor
  • Tangle-Free Finish
  • Ergonomic Glass Top Design
  • Sensor Lock Safety System
  • Removable, Washable, All-in-One Detergent Drawer
1 Year Manufacturer Warranty


4 Button Control
Intuitively laid out button controls for easy operation.
Water Power
Simply pressing the Water Power button lets you change water flow in 5 steps from powerful (2) for hard, thick items to Soft (-2)for soft, delicate items.

Shower Plus
You can add water as desired during a wash while looking through the glass to check. Simply press the Shower Plus button once, and the water level increases by one.
Fine Adjustment Settings
Just press the up/down buttons until the water level, wash time, number of rinses and spin time settings are as desired.

Auto Self Clean – The Tub Stain Fighter
Every time you do your laundry, the washing machine automatically cleans itself!
So that you can always enjoy washing in a clean tub.

Allergy UK Approved 99% Mold & Bacteria Reduction
A shower of clean water cleans both the tubs as the stainless steel tub rotates at high speeds,and the blades and tub rotate to powerfully agitate water in the stainless steel tub and clean off dirt.

Ultra-Stream Shower
Large blades on the surface of the pulsator powerfully agitate the laundry ensuring detergent-rich water penetrates into clothes.
producing powerful water circulation while reducing water consumption.
Powerful and wide showers fall on the whole surface of clothesto ensure good penetration, good removal of dirt and good rinsing results for a clean, fresh finish!

3-Step Eco Sensor
Laundry amount and fabric type are detected in three steps to enable setting of the optimum washing conditions. The result is precise sensing to assure there's no wasted time, electricity or water.

Tangle-Free Finish
When the spin cycle ends, the pulsator repeatedly moves clockwise and counterclockwise, first making items fall off the tub wall and then untangling them. This unique Hitachi feature makes it much easier to take clothes out of the tub. And minimal tangling means fewer wrinkles on clothes.

Ergonomic Glass Top Design
Flat tempered glass top makes cleaning easier. Simply push a button and glass top opens easily for lifting up. Built-in Spring and damper makes opening and closing soft and quiet.

Sensor Lock Safety System
The sensor detects if the lid is opened or closed with a lid lock.

Removable, Washable, All-in-One Detergent Drawer
Powdered detergent, liquid detergent, bleach and softener can all be put in this single drawer.
Drawer can be easily taken out and wash with water, so it's always clean.

Technical Details

More Information
Unit Volume 0.63
Type Fully Automatic Top Load
Inverter Control Yes
Auto Self Clean Yes
Max Spin Speed [RPM] 700
Variable Spin Control No
Delicate Fabric Care No
Number of Washing Programms 11
Auto Power Off Yes
Fully Auto Restart Yes
Child Lock Yes
Tangle Free Finish Yes
Water Power Control No
More Information
Memory Option Yes
Delay Timer Yes
Revolution Sensor No
Load Sensor No
Water Temperature Sensor No
Water Level Sensor No
Foam Detection Sensor No
Intensive No
Pre Wash No
Extra Rinse No
Rinse Hold No
Dimensions (w*h*d) [cm] 72.4 × 116.9 × 74.4
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